Soliday Sail : More space for more freedom and relaxation

Plan for your future – think bigger! The extensive dimensions of a SOLIDAY shade sail system with a surface area of up to 85 m2 allow for completely new shading solutions.

Sun, rain, privacy and glare protection: freedom now begins at home.

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Roll-up shade sails or retractable shade sails

SOLIDAY is an ingenious combination of technology and design and creates large-scale sun and rain protection. The quality of the materials, the choice of the right sailcloth and the cut play an important role.

Revolutionary, newly developed techniques and high-quality materials ensure effortless manual or fully automatic rolling up and unrolling, despite the enormous size of a sail.

A sun awning that can be rolled up electrically is of course the most convenient option.

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Costum made Shade Sail

SOLIDAY awnings are individually planned, manufactured and, if required, installed by us according to your wishes.

They are ideal for the permanent shading of terraces, quiet corners in the garden or around the house and above house entrances.

SOLIDAY awnings are also used for the professional shading of children’s play areas, event locations and other large areas, and meet the highest architectural demands.

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SOLIDAY is leader in shading solutions

SOLIDAY is the leading supplier of all types of shade sails in Luxembourg!

The shade sails manufactured by Soliday come in countless shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose between prefabricated standard sun sails and custom-made sun sails especially for your purposes.

You are free to supply your desired dimensions or have a custom design created by our sun sail professionals. In order to make your sun protection as comfortable as possible, we not only plan and manufacture your sun sails, but also install them throughout Luxembourg. Whether for your own home, a shady children’s playground or large festivals – we have the right awnings for every area.

For more information about SOLIDAY shade sails, please visit the Soliday website.


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