Nail down Hardwood Flooring is mainly used for thick boards (22-23 mm)

The parquet is either nailed to a subfloor (i.e. a blind floor) or, in the case of solid wood, screwed together. The advantages of nailed parquet are that the floor remains reusable and the method is very environmentally friendly.

Solid parquet is the high-end version of parquet. Solid parquet strips are made of a single type of noble wood. Solid parquet is a sustainable investment in the design of living spaces. It can be renovated several times, and even “re-looked” in line with current trends.

Because it is made of 100% natural, living material, solid wood flooring requires regular maintenance, which varies according to the finish chosen. It can also be easily renovated: its thickness allows it to be sanded several times and thus to be kept for life!

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Glue down Hardwood Flooring: The glued flooring of hardwood parquet concerns thinner boards (10-14 mm)

The glued flooring of hardwood parquet concerns thinner boards than the nail down flooring, with a thickness between 10 and 14 mm. Hardwood parquet can be glued to a number of surfaces: concrete, parquet, tiles, etc., provided that the surface is well prepared beforehand! However, the subfloor must be absolutely level, undamaged and free of dirt.

The advantage of fixing the parquet to the subfloor is that the gluing of most wood species is suitable for underfloor heating due to the effective heat transfer and that the parquet can be easily sanded and maintained.

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Engineered Flooring: Engineered flooring is made up of core boards and timber that are effectively layer after layer of ply that are bonded together.

Engineered flooring can be installed as a floating floor, meaning if you moved home, you could take the floor with you as it does not stick to the subfloor. Wood is a natural product meaning it can be affected by humidity and temperature, but the construction of engineered wood makes it less reactive to these changes. This makes it structurally solid and much less likely to damage or warp.

Engineered timber is now the most common type of wood flooring used globally, and the technology has enabled the production of much wider boards.

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Sanding, maintenance and repair of parquet floors

As specialists in parquet maintenance and renovation, we can bring your parquet floors back to life and protect them for a long time, using the technique and products best suited to your needs.

Sanding down old and damaged parquet is the most economical way to get a clean and spotless wooden floor.

We guarantee that we will work in a way that respects your parquet floor, so that it is perfectly renovated without altering its aesthetic qualities.

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