Costum-designed wardrobe from real wood

Solid wood is a robust, sustainable and aesthetically valuable material. Our high-quality workmanship of your wardrobe is therefore not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely stable and durable.

With Christophe de Schräiner, you can turn your solid wood wardrobe into your very own individual and timeless piece of furniture, combining the attributes of natural charm and functionality.

Your new wardrobe will be made from the best solid wood and exactly according to your ideas, just for you.

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Costum-design tables and built-in cupboards for the kitchen

A high-quality and individually made solid wood table is a very special highlight in the whole house.

Things often get lively at a dining table. Whether it’s lunch with the family or a convivial evening with friends, every now and then something can go wrong.

A solid wood dining table is a good choice, as its natural durability means it can withstand everyday challenges.

Your entire kitchen will be made from the best solid wood and exactly to your specifications, just for you.

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A wooden bookshelf brings a wonderfully soft mood into your home.

A bookshelf is not just a storage unit, it serves a specific purpose in your home. Some people want to fulfil their dream of a large library or even furnish an entire reading room, and others want to stylishly display selected favourite books, DVDs, photos and other memorabilia.

If the bookcase then also matches the colour of your living room, it can give the room a wonderfully homely atmosphere. No matter what your main focus is, home library or decoration – bookshelves must be stable above all. It should also have the right dimensions for your requirements – in height, depth and width.

We offer you a wide selection of materials, colours and furnishing styles.

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Chests of drawers & sideboards custom-made

A lot of things accumulate in a household over the years. Of course, this needs to be stored well and safely, ideally neatly and within easy reach. Storage furniture is perfect for this, especially chests of drawers and sideboards.

There is hardly a home that can do without these practical models. They can be found in some form or another in every home, often even in multiple versions.

We create chests of drawers and sideboards in various designs that blend in beautifully with a variety of interior styles.

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Your bedroom made of solid wood

The bedroom is the very personal retreat of every home. Cosiness and a sense of well-being are particularly important here.

In the stressful everyday life of our time, sleep and relaxation are particularly important. This includes a retreat where you can completely relax. After all, you spend much more time in your bedroom than you would probably expect.

Create a place where you can find your personal peace.

Christophe de Schräiner offers you all the possibilities to realise your wishes.

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Design your perfect home office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular and is no longer the preserve of freelancers and self-employed people. More and more companies are also allowing their employees to work at home when needed.

Christophe de Schräiner accompanies you in the design of your customised office space. We offer you the choice between a modern and contemporary interior, a loft style, a minimalist decoration or others!

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